Grant support

Grant support

We recognise that at times, those from the coal mining industry may benefit from financial support for a specific item or service that they could not otherwise afford.

Grants may be provided where specific criteria are met as part of a wider package of support.

Who can apply?
Those with ten or more years’ service in the coal mining industry and / or partners (of any gender) and dependent children including after death of the mineworker.

What could a grant be provided for?
Medical / mobility aids (for example, mobility scooters), adaptations to support independent living, course fees and specialist training where this will help to gain employment, funeral costs, and debt relief.

Coal workers pneumoconiosis
We recognise that those who are diagnosed with coal workers pneumoconiosis will face additional needs in their lifetime. Specific grant assistance will be considered for those who have received an Industrial Injuries Disability Benefit award for this disease in the last 12 months and / or for their bereaved partners.  

What items cannot be funded?
General household costs (utility bills, food costs and so on), household / electrical items (such as white goods), repeated applications to pay debts, IT equipment, driving lessons, or holidays. Grants will also not be provided for goods or services that should be provided by a statutory agency like your Local Authority.

How much can be applied for?
Grant amounts can vary depending on need and the item required. This will be discussed at assessment.

How many grants can be applied for?
There is no limit to the number of grants that can be applied for but only one grant will be awarded in any 12 month period. Grants will not be provided for the same item on repeated occasions.

How are applications made?
A grant will only be considered as part of a wider support package and after a full assessment.

For further information please contact us. To make a referral, please contact your local CISWO office, call 01709 728115 or complete the online contact form.

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