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Primary Objective

A national charity supporting former miners and their families with help and advice to alleviate disadvantage arising from disability, ill health or financial hardship.

Education News

In the 2015/2016 academic year the Trustees of CISWO and the Miners’ Welfare National Educational Fund provided assistance to 175 students totalling £289,590. of the Organisation’s Personal Welfare Service.

Impact January To March 2016

Through regionally based staff teams the quality of life of many mining beneficiaries has been enhanced. In the first quarter of 2016 we have carried out over 2500 home visits.

This level of visits suggests that this year will be the busiest in our history as a charity.

Members of the Personal Welfare Service secured Income Maximisation for elderly mining beneficiaries during the first quarter of £1,125,879 and Trustees approved grant expenditure totaling £165,359 for the relief of need to mining clients based on reports submitted from members

As part of our national campaign to contact former miners and their widows we have now sent out in excess of 61,000 letters to those receiving a mineworker's pension.

A modest impact has been achieved through the support and advice which the Organisation provides to the trustees of a number of recreational charities established on mining trusts which enables extensive recreational participation in former mining communities.


Our new Chief Executive Nicola Didlock took up her post on August 22nd.

As part of our continuing re-organisation to reflect our focus on the personal work with ex miners and their families the services to miners' welfares has been rationalized. From September 2016 there will be 4 regional managers dealing with miners' welfares and our work in the community, contact details can be found on the pages for each region.

Social work services will continue to operate through the existing 6 local offices with each office providing services to former coalfield areas.

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We have offices across the country to help and support people nationwide


We offer a range of support services including home visits, benefits checks, grants and advise


There a range of convalescence breaks for you to choose from provided by various charities